Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reason #4 I am Ready to Move...

Exploding cars outside your building.

Pictures taken by and borrowed from Baratunde

Yesterday morning when I left my building to go to work, I noticed a bunch of fire trucks down the street and firemen scurrying about. There is a novelty toy factory next to our building and I thought there must have been some sort of incident there.

When I came home, I noticed that where the firemen had been congregating there were three charred cars, one of which (the Subaru) was being loaded on to a truck to be carried away. A woman, the owner, was taking pictures. Someone stopped and asked her what had happened and I stepped closer to eavesdrop.

The police believe that the middle car, the VW, was stolen (no plates) and then was dumped there and set on fire.

The fire then destroyed the two cars next to the VW and the leaking gas ran down the hill damaging the cars parked there.

Subaru woman was surprisingly composed, although I did notice a remaining sense of shock. She then pointed out that she had taken her son to the playground and that they had met another child with leukemia. That does tend to put things into perspective.

This is all very disturbing because I usually park right in that spot. I just had happened to have found a spot further up the hill the day before. I felt incredibly fortunate, but also extremely vulnerable. To think, I had been annoyed a few weeks ago because someone stole the antenna from out car.

I am also quite surprised that I did not hear the explosion at night. Our apartment is on the other side of the building and faces the busier and noisier street (which has made me more immune to loud noises). Moreover, I have been fairly sick recently and I was passed out from multiple medications. Nonetheless, I would have thought that something like that would have roused me from my slumber.

From what someone else told me that a few years back in the pre-gentrification days of the neighborhood, this type of thing was fairly common. Near where this occurred, we had seen a little shrine someone left on the sidewalk next to the building wall made up of flowers and candles. Apparently it is because someone torched a car there and there was a dead body in the car.

My eagerness to move has grown exponentially since yesterday morning.

Baratunde captured the events (night and following morning) and has been gracious to share it with the world:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reason #22 I am ready to Move...

Fires in apartments down the hallway.

Faulty wiring, they say.

The poor people that lived there just moved in. Now they have to move out.

I am very afraid of this apartment building - with good reason.

Ughh...I can't stop smelling smoke.