Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I voted!

Did you?

Not that there was much to vote on. At stake are:
  • The Boston mayoral election that is all but decided.
  • Four at-large city council seats.
  • An unopposed district councilor.
When you think about it, my vote is more powerful on days like today when turnout is going to be low. So who did I vote for?
  • The first Asian-American running for Boston city council (he is Korean).
  • A popular Puerto Rican who might be Boston's first Latino mayor in the future.
  • The only woman in the race.
  • The last choice was among a bunch of middle-aged Irish-Americans. One of them is the sitting City Council president. He recently was shot at, so I was tempted to vote for him since he might have a new perspective on life in the city. His mass-mailings annoyed me, though. Another candidate lives near where we do, so I was tempted to vote for him. But I didn't. You might be thinking, well where do they stand on the issues? They are all mostly on the same page, so that couldn't be a determining factor. Well, all issues but one. Rent control. I voted for the one in favor of it - who also happens to be the one endorsed by the Boston Globe.
Ah, democracy in action - you gotta love it!

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