Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To Hell in a ...

I have been meaning to write more here, but I haven't. There are thoughts bouncing around in my head that need to be written, but they aren't. You know the saying about good intentions and pavement. No, wait...the road and good intentions...Damn! How does the saying go?

Forget it.

Among the things I wanted to write about:
  • Details about our trip to San Jose
  • Our funky hotel in San Francisco
  • Some random thoughts about the San Francisco Bay
  • My tasty smashed potatoes recipe
  • An account of the fun New York City exploration we finally got to do
  • And some other things that have hidden in the depths of my mind just now when I wanted to list them
But the following things seem to have gotten in the way:
  • One of our dogs seems to have bowel problems - very unpleasant in many ways
  • Tons of grading
  • A presentation at a Latino immigration conference at the college (I am debating whether I want to put the text or portions up here)
  • Accounting (travel reports and receipt chaos)
  • Student crisis #1: brother died from skin cancer. Moral-wear sunscreen.
  • Student crisis #2: father died in tragic car accident. Moral-wear seatbelts.
  • Student crisis #3: got pregnant, freaked out, got an abortion, and is estranged from family (not necessarily in that order). Moral-use protection.
  • Ordering books for next semester
  • Submitting paperwork for courses I want to teach in the fall (you gotta love bureaucracy)
  • Lack of energy
I am so looking forward to the end of the semester.

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