Monday, June 02, 2008

My [Crappy] Day in Bullet Points

[Warning: lots of kvetching ahead]
  • My "wonderful" day started without Sara - she's in Texas.
  • Realized the fridge is kaput and that a good deal of our food in there needed to be thrown out.
  • Had to attend some pointless bureaucratic meetings at work - the admin is making us jump through some useless hoops (without really telling us which hoops we need to jump through).
  • Stopped to get a small fridge to try to salvage at least some of our food (and because our super will probably get to dealing with our fridge next year).
  • They didn't have the size I wanted. I could get a minuscule one or for $10 more, a large one. Opted for the larger one.
  • Drove home to quickly walk the dogs
  • Took the subway to the Upper West Side
  • Had part three of my root canal - still some pain, but managable
  • The endodontist decided to push on to try to finish since he didn't want to have to deal with trying to numb me up again.
  • Discovered that after sitting 2 hours with your mouth wide - I mean very wide - open your mandible muscles really start to hurt
  • Made my way back home, with my face in my lap (again)
  • Carried the fridge up to our apartment - kinda wishing I had opted for the smaller one
  • Unpacked the fridge and moved things around to find a spot for it
  • Cleaned out the old fridge salvaging a few things - happy that I did get the larger fridge so I could salvage more
  • Took out the spoiled food
  • Walked the dogs
  • Prepared for class tomorrow at 9 - ugh...

I don't think I will have trouble sleeping tonight. And I can hope that tomorrow won't be as bad as today!

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