Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nature Hike

Things have been rather chaotic - the house buying craziness, random jobs, trying to pack, organizing my new office at work.

I did take some time for a nature hike today with the dogs.

I would have liked to have taken more pictures, but it is hard when two dogs are yanking at you wanting to run into a field of poison ivy in search of critters. We did come across an interesting uprooted tree (that wonderful green all around it is poison ivy).

I was fascinated by the twists and knobs in the remains of the roots. It did not come out well, but I did see a creepy face outline in the shadows. Do you see it or is it my over-active imagination?

On the way home we walked past one of the most obscene intersections in Manhattan, which is only a few blocks from where our apartment is!

Over the next couple of weeks we hope to close on the house, pack, move, and stay at least partially sane. Wish us luck...

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