Friday, November 05, 2004

Post-election therapies:
  • An hour and a half discussion with my students in class about the outcome, their fears, and their plans. The #1 concern? A return of the draft.
  • Satirical jokes: they are floating around the blogsphere - maps, magazine covers, etc.
  • Yoga...ahhhhh.
  • Brownies and Ben & Jerry's.
  • News avoidance. Although I had a peek today: some bits of good news. Specter is ready to use his position in the Judiciary committee to defend Roe v. Wade and Ashcroft is leaving.
  • Trip to Boston...where the Red Sox still are the winners of the World Series and my sweetie will confort me (truth be told we will comfort each other).

Back on Monday. Have a good weekend (put this past week out of your mind).

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