Monday, May 09, 2005

Things on my Mind
  • Where did the weekend go?
  • I miss Sara.
  • I still have a stack of grading that is obscenely thick waiting for me.
  • I have two job prospects - one will require a phone interview this week and the other will require a trip to Maine next week.
  • For the phone interview, I need to prepare three syllabi for courses I have never taught - three that focus on Latino Studies (narrowly defined).
  • I miss Sara.
  • I still need to make my travel arrangements for the trip to Maine.
  • I went to the doctor on Friday for a skin exam. He took off two moles off my back and sent them to the lab. I won't know the results for another ten days or so.
  • The two holes on my back alternate from hurting to itching.
  • I miss Sara.
  • I need to write the final exam for my class.
  • Why am I so tired?
  • At least my blood pressure was low when I had it taken at the doctor's - even after eating loads of very salty Yucatecan food.
  • I miss Sara.
  • How can I simultaneously have so much on my mind and draw a blank when I try to think?
  • Perhaps I should go to bed.

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