Friday, May 13, 2005

What a week! I am happy it is over. Although there is a large pile of exams waiting for me, but I left them at my office and I am taking the evening off.

I sent off the three syllabi for the job in Boston. I now need to prepare for the job interview in Maine. But again, that will have to wait.

Among all the craziness, my roommate told me she decided she is going to move out next Monday. This is a problem because
  1. She was going to look after the dog while I was in Maine Tuesday through Thurday.
  2. I certainly did not have the wherewithall to deal with all the little things that need to be settled when roommates part ways.
Truth be told, I am probably a little jealous too. I wish I could pack up and head to Boston on Monday. Just run away. But no, I am the responsible type and I need to tie up all the loose ends that are left here.

I don't blame my roommate for wanting to leave. She has had a rough year. More on that some other evening.

There are some loose ends flying about in here. Sherri posted a quiz as to why people blog. Since she is one of the regulars around here, I feel compelled to take it and elighten everyone as to my motives. Tumbleweed tagged me to list my 10 favorite things. Again, one needs to do one's duty when one is tagged. And I will do both, but not tonight.

Cindylu wrote a brutally honest post about academic elitism that is screaming for a response from me. Fortunately it has drawn a massive response in her comments section, so I feel off the hook - at least for tonight. It is also her first year doctoral exam weekend, so she won't read anything I have to say until later anyway. And, Cindylu, if you are reading this, go back to work!

Alma tried her hand at writing in Spanish. She claims to have problems with knowing where to to put the accents on the words. I promised her I would teach her the rules - which aren't very hard. Alma, I will teach you - and anyone else who cares to learn. But not tonight - I am done teaching for the week.

There a few people I am worried about. Sixlegged has been rather quiet recently. I am afraid that the Minutemen have done something to him in retaliation to his vocal outcries against their activities. Likewise, Oso may have called one too many women mamacita and is now lying in some gutter in Monterrey. Either that or he engaging in la pachanga with some of Mexican businessmen to whom he is teaching English. I do know that Woojay is engaging in la pachanga Korean style back in his native land. I could use some bibimbap now that I think of it, but I digress. I fear Mariposa is frozen somewhere in her neighborhood as she went out in search of spring.

I do count myself fortunate. Scott has become the latest casualty of the common cold. Heal quickly, Scott.

Kristin paid a rare visit and Mala has disappeared just as suddenly as she reappeared a few weeks ago. There are some new blogs: E consolidated her two previous ones and Sara claims she is boring, but don't believe her. And DT is in the process of wrapping up his own loose ends as he prepared to make his way to this part of the country. I don't think we are going to overlap at all. Too bad, he's one vato I really would like to have some tacos with.

As you can see my therapy for coping with this week was the occasional break to peek to see what was going on around the world. I am not sure how effective it was.

I am off to have a glass of wine, read the paper, and drift off to some other reality.

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