Friday, February 10, 2006

All the alarms are going off fueling the hysteria around here.

I just realized that sentence could be read in so many different ways. It seems relevant to so many different scenarios. It is a sad world we live in, isn't it?

My particular reference was to the impending storm - a full-blooded Nor'easter - that is due to make its way through here tomorrow. Whenever a storm is forecast, the people dash off to the stores and deplete the shelves from the stock of bread and milk. It is rather quite amusing; that is unless you are trying to get your week's shopping done. Fortunately, our pantry is well-stocked and I can avoid the masses.

Given the storm and the snow they say will fall, I decided that I should go out back and clean the dogs' damage. Problem is that it is about 20 degrees outside and the wind makes it feel like a nippy 5 degrees. Frozen poops are easier to scoop (no need to mention the poopcicle pun - it has been done already), though and you don't have to deal with the smell...well, get a whiff here and there.

Another sad observation - the highlight of my day so far has been shoveling frozen dog excrement. Hmmm...

It was a quiet week on the job search front, which is good and bad. Good because there was no need to cope with demoralizing rejection letters, bad because no news becomes bad news as the year progresses. Moreover, the as you may have noticed, the angst of waiting is taking its toll. No need to rehash that now, so let's move on.

I am not sure what to move on to, though. Maybe I will have a cup of tea...

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