Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I have been watching curling at the Olympics recently. Mostly because it tends to be on when I am on the eliptical trainer at the gym. I tried to deduce the rules from just watching it (being the gym there is no sound either, not that it would really help). I failed, though, and I eventually went online and looked them up.

It also happens that someone from Sara's work sent out an announcement that a local curling club is having an open house on Saturday. I asked Sara if she was up to it. She said she would be happy to watch me do it (translation: I want to laugh when you slip on the ice and fall on your ass). Well, I AM going to try it, even if I have to endure the humiliation of slipping and falling.

Tonight we heard that the oldest participant at the Olympics is some guy on a curling team - I forgot which team and exactly how old (in his fifties, I think). Sara turned to me and said, "See, if you start up now, you can still make it to the next Olympics."

While I am certain that the competition for the US Curling Team is probably intense, I could compete for Mexico. That is exactly what Mexico needs: an Olympic Curling Team (we could even have a theme song and a movie made of our story, just like the Jamaican Bobsled Team).

Now all I need to do is find three other Mexicans to join me in my Olympic quest...

I guess they have to be males because the event is broken down by gender, although I am not quite sure why. I cannot for the life of me figure out why you need separate competitions for men and women or why you could not have a co-ed group. Maybe we could be challenge that system as well...why not?

So if you are a Mexican, male or female, who is interested in some strange sport (is it really a sport?) and you have the Olympic dream inside, let me know... Juntos, si se puede!

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