Saturday, February 18, 2006

Don't you hate it when...
  • You bite your lip in some inauspicious way, then it swells up into a nasty canker sore that hangs around for almost a week?
  • The dog steps into some poop and then tracks it into the house, including hoping up on the couch?
  • The day seems sunny and beautiful, yet when you step outside you are greeted by a arctic blast of wind?
  • You have been working out for a couple of weeks and your weight only seems to go up?
  • You are waiting in line to use an ATM and when your turn comes up, the machine shuts down for maintainance?
  • You don't know where your future lies?
  • You discover you are going to have to pay a bundle in income taxes?
  • The dog horks up a dog treat on your head while you are driving?
  • You go to your local taco shop to pickup some quick takeout because you are tired, cold, and need to use the bathroom, only to find a large and indecisive family ahead of you placing a huge order?
  • People just whine about the crappy things that happen to them?
Yeah, I hate it too.

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