Saturday, April 29, 2006

What are you doing on Monday?

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I am conflicted.

Ironically, Monday is the last day of my immigration seminar. For this meeting they are supposed to discuss the projects they have been working on over the semester. They also need to fill out evaluation forms regarding the course and my teaching. These evaluations are an important part of any application and I think they will be very positive for this course.

I have been thinking that I could attend the class as someone interested in their research and not as part of my job. That seems like a cop out, though.

I could cancel class, but that would mean that I would not get my evaluations and they would be missing a part of their grade.

Changing the meeting day would be difficult because exams start on Tuesday.

I sent them all an email requesting suggestions or ideas, but only one has replied without having any good suggestions.

It seems like this immigrant will be around on Monday. I will not buy anything and I will probably attend the rally again, but my commitment to teaching is greater than my immigrant solidarity.

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