Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Discovery of the Day: Rusted Root. I am not sure why our paths have not crossed before, but I like them a lot.

I am still pretty tired and out of it. The past few weeks have taken their toll.

There seem to have been some good discussions going on in the blogosphere lately. I am sorry I have been missing out. I'll catch up, but I won't be able to participate. Oh well. I am not sure whether I would have much to contribute given my state of mind.

I spent part of my afternoon out in the yard doing doggy doo doo duty. Yet another thing I fell behind on. At least the sun was out and it was not too cold. In fact some of the plants have decided that spring has arrived. Some bulbs are popping up and a few of the trees have buds. This always happens...the plants think spring is here and winter gives them a good whack by dumping some snow on them and/or throwing some freezing temperatures on them. Winter does the same to me. I am ready for spring.

The days are getting longer for which I am very grateful. Light past five in the afternoon is a good thing.

Enough from melancholy corner here...

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