Thursday, February 17, 2005

Donkey II Posted by Hello

This is actually the wallpaper on my computer.

Just sitting here with my glass of wine - a good one at that. I would go look up the label for you, but I am too lazy and I am sure you don't really care. Ask if you are interested.

The dog and I went to the nearby reservoir and took a hike around it. No pheasants to chase today and the path was rather muddy. It was good to get out, though. I am finally getting over the stupid cold that had me in its grips for the past week. Everyone at work is getting it now. I am sure that's where I got it. So I probably just returned the favor.

Tomorrow needs to be a productive day. Do you ever have one of those instances when you realize how much crap you need to get done and it is just incredibly daunting? I think I am having one of those right now.

But rather than running off in a panic, my mood is tempered by the calming (numbing?) effects of the wine, the long week, and the fatigue from the hike earlier today.

I am craving chocolate.

I am really craving chocolate.

I should write in Spanish more. Or maybe in Italian. It is annoying though that Blogger doesn't have accents. I can write something in a word processing program and then just clip and paste, but that is annoying. And I am lazy. Yes, I am a very lazy person.

Quiero chocolate. Y mi amor. Extra~o mi amor. [See I hate not having my n+~!]

I rented The Last Samurai about a week ago. I still have not watched it. I probably owe a fortune in late fees.

I am going to look for chocolate. I don't think I have any, but you never know.

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