Friday, April 15, 2005


Sick - again!

This morning when I woke up, my coughing became extremely productive. Copious amounts of nasty gunk came up and out. As the day progressed, my sinuses began to swell and they became congested. Along with this, there was a terrible itch from the top of my throat up to the clogged air passages just above my nostrils.

After this lovely descprition, let me replace the image in your mind with a nicer and more aesthetically pleasing one. Spring has arrived here - although it is still a bit chilly. Our yard is full of blooming tulips and the buds in the trees are beginning to open. The trees have their leaves and the grass is lush again.

I am also happy because one of my favorite bloggers is back online. She was one of the very first I read and one of my first visitors. Welcome back, Mala! I look forward to reading about your entrepreneurial adventures.

I also have had some positive feedback from some of my students this week. It makes me wonder, though, if I am such a great teacher, why isn't anyone offering me a job. Yes, more rejection letters keep streaming in. Actually, when you are gone for an extended period of time, they are in a big pile waiting for you - along with all the bills you have to pay.

Positive, I need to channel a positive vibe here. I am not succeeding, am I? I should get to bed. I need rest - lots of it. There is much to do, but tomorrow I am sleeping in.

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