Sunday, April 17, 2005

My condition is improving, yet I still have somewhat of a ways to go down the road of recovery. Consequently, you get more photos:

Old Town Albuquerque Posted by Hello

I love Old Town Albuquerque. One of my favorite restaurants is there - La Hacienda. The flat blue corn enchiladas with red chile are amazing. I could definitely use some of that chile now to clear out the old sinuses.

La Hacienda Posted by Hello

While in Old Town, you can visit the recently moved National Atomic Museum (soon to be renamed the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History).

Atomic Museum - Albuquerque Posted by Hello

The museum used to be on the nearby air force base, but after 9-11 they don't let us commoners/civilians on the base any more. So they moved the museum to the building that used to be occupied by REI in Old Town.

Some people complained about errecting a missle in a "historic" part of the city. As Sara rightly pointed out to me, though, science and nuclear research are an important part of New Mexico history.

The museum is pretty interesting, especially if you go with a nuclear phycisist like we did. It is an interesting intersection of history, science, and social issues.

I should get to work. I have not gotten much done the past few days. Now I am way behind.

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