Monday, October 31, 2005


Very busy.

  • Got my car back from the body shop - did not get charged my deductible!
  • Psychiatrist appointment - I have been wanting to write about this, but not have found the time nor the mental space to do it.
  • More acupuncture - also want to write about this, but [see above]
  • Evening social with the Latino Student Association: this needs no description.
  • Candle-pin bowling social with the anthropology department I am at right now (It was more fun than I expected or care to admit - the bowling, I mean).
  • Halloween party with some of Sara's friends - she can tell you more if you are interested.
  • Our first snow on Saturday - what? where did that come from?
  • Our 6th anniversary on Sunday - a wonderful day. More on that later.
  • Many, many job applications (13 to be exact). Will they lead to anything? Probably not...
  • Grading...
  • Class prep...
  • Lecture.
  • Many dog walks - all too short for the dogs (and for my body - I definitely need to step up on the exercise).
I need a vacation. Soon!

Postnote: Alma wins the brownie points for the closest guess on that picture below. It is an Italian enchilada. I had a bit of fresh lasagna pasta and sauce left over after filling the baking dish. I rolled the pasta around some cheese and spinach and covered it with sauce. I then baked it for about 20 minutes. It does not look to appetizing (especially if you read Oso's comment), but it was actually pretty tasty. I am sure I have offended many Italian gastronomic sensibilities with my culinary exploration, but I don't care. Italians offended my sensibilities with what they claimed to be Mexican food over there. So we'll just call it even!

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