Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Thoughts

While Sara indulges her guilty pleasure in the living room, I will take advantage to goof off for a while.

I took my car into the body shop yesterday. It is going to take them about a week to fix it. Fortunately my insurance covers a rental for me to drive around in the meantime. Of course, it is nothing fancy. I call it a "Speck" because it is so small. I will have to take a picture of it and post it one of these days.

The job application assembly line is in full motion now. Nine applications have gone out so far and there are ten waiting in the sidelines that will have to go out over the next couple of days. Sara is joining in on the fun this time. I hope you caught the cynicism in that last sentence.

Sara and I have noticed the surge in commercials for remodeling products that you just place over your existing bathroom/basement. The ads show some nasty mildewy bathroom or basement beging improved by placing the liner over the tub and/or walls. I said I would not be surprised to see an ad for a liner to place over your whole apartment:
Is your apartment a complete mess? This can change with our new Pseudo-Clean apartment liners. Just lay over your cruddy mess and just like that, the disaster is gone! Call now for an estimate.
Or even an ad for a liner to cover your spouse:
Remember the days when you were attracted to your spouse? Get those days back with our new Spouseliners. Just place over your fat, hairy, and smelly spouse, and like a miracle, you will have an attractive and sexy spouse again!
I realize that this may make no sense to you. It has been a long day in what already has been a long week. I also did not get much sleep last night thanks to a dog (who will remain nameless) who seemed to wander aimlessly around the apartment all last night, poking my face with his/her very cold and wet nose every so often.

Is it just me or are things in the world getting to be a bigger and bigger mess? I think the Earth's antibodies are trying to eliminate the pathogen that the human race has become.

Thinking about that is just too depressing. I think I will join Sara for the last ten minutes of her guilty pleasure...

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