Sunday, March 19, 2006


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It is strange thinking that Sara is half way through her Monday already. She had to get up early tomorrow morning (Monday at 4 am - although I am sure she did not know what time it was) to go to the Tsukiji Market (Tokyo's fish market). She probably had a great sushi breakfast - nothing beats jet-lag better.

I am getting by. It is strange not being in touch with Sara - wondering what she is doing at any given moment.

I have a lot to get done this week. Sara is gone and I am on Spring Break, so I should have more time and space. I have had mixed results this weekend - working in spurts, but having some long periods of unproductivity.

I did get out with the dogs and explored a park I had heard about that is not too far away. Only after visiting did I find out that it used to be a landfill. It is a nice park with some good views of the Charles River, the surrounding wetlands, and the Boston area. Standing with the dogs on the top of the hill (perhaps with tons of trash under my feet) with the cold wind whipping through my body looking off into the slumbering landscape waiting to burst into spring was a little surreal.

In other news -

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The phone rang!

After a week of emails and letters from places I applied and the ensuing self-doubt, the phone rang with the request for an interview.

It is at a school in Boston. It is not in my discipline and it is only a one year position. It is a confidence booster nonetheless.

The interview is Tuesday, so wish me luck!

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