Wednesday, March 22, 2006


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The interview came and went.

You never know how these things go.

Sometimes you think it went well, but you don't get the job. Other times you think it went poorly and you end up getting the position. So I cannot really sit here and second guess myself. I will wait and see.

I can't really think about it too much either. I have been struggling to write a paper for a conference next week.

Oh yes, I am going to a conference in Vancouver next week and I have to write a paper I am presenting. I was supposed to have it to the discussant last Friday. This paper is particularly difficult because all the material is new to me - in fact, I really don't have much of my own material.

That's kind of a problem.

It is probably why I am struggling with the actual writing part. I did make a little progress today, but I was hoping to have it done and to the discussant by tonight.

It is not going to happen.

Maybe tomorrow night. If all goes well, that is. I am going to gym in the morning, so maybe if I get the blood flowing, some of it will make it to my brain and kick start the thinking and focusing process.

I got a haircut today. I know, it makes a lot of sense getting it the day AFTER the interview, huh? Well, the apointment was already made when they called me for the interview. And who needs the stress of getting a haircut before the interview anyway (what if they screw up?).

So I have been reduced to writing about a haircut and writer's block. Great.

I think I will go read something light and think about all of this in the morning.

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