Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Flatmates

In all the excitement of the chaotic life we are leading and the wildness of living through the tetanus booster gone bad, I have not had a chance to write about our new flatmates [aren't I posh using the British term?]. Frankie's recent post about her experiences with her new neighbors reminded me that I should share ours.

Sara was the first to meet one of them in the kitchen. She was quite surprised and did not know what to make of this stranger standing there partaking of our food ... or rather the crumbs that were left on the counter. Sr. Cucaracha was not all that friendly and he tried to scurry off without even a hello. Finding this rude, Sara reached for some dish soap to slow his pace. She then proceeded to squish him with a papertowel - all in one swift swoop.

[sidenote: you definitely do not want to snub Sara if you are an insect, especially if you are eating our food]

I got to meet our other new roommate, Srta. Ratoncita, early one morning. She is very shy and quickly ran and hid under our stove. Our paths crossed a few days later in the evening. I went to get a cup from the drying rack when something behind it moved. It was her. I yelped because I did not expect anyone there. She freaked and ran behind the stove.

I don't want to sound rude or anything, but between the two dogs, Sara, and me, the place is already fairly crowded and I rather not share it it with anyone else. I have asked Srta. Ratoncita and the friends and family of Sr. Cucaracha to move out. Moreover, I have attempted to be a poor host and failed to leave crumbs on the counter and floors. Srta. Ratoncita has obliged to my request and has not been seen round these parts anymore. In a moment of fatigued weakness, I failed to clean the kitchen last night and this morning I was greeted by Sr. Cucaracha II in the kitchen.

I am not afraid of the critters. Where I grew up, giant cucarachas, mice, and rats were ubiquitous. I also know that living in a city and in a neighborhood where cleanliness is not a high priority, these visitors will be a part of life. I do want to contain their visits, but I want to do it without really having to resort to using pesticides and insecticides (now those do scare me). I have set up roach traps and semi-humane mousetraps. But I thinking keeping the place clean is the best line of defense. We'll see. There may be more chapters in this saga/telenovela.

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