Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Strange Days

Strange Days
I thought I had enough of a story with yesterday's events that were related to my dermatology appointment. Today I see that only a few blocks from where the doctor's office is located, a plane flew into a building.

It happened around the same time that I had my appointment yesterday.

I was 24 hours removed from an even more bizarre story.

And perhaps from talking about how something like this

nearly fell on my head. Now that would have definitely made my day worse.

I feel for the people whose apartment that plane flew into. Imagine, you are settling in after a hectic day and BAM! in comes a plane into your living room. I feel bad for the baseball player/pilot, but if you fly one of those things, you are aware of the risks. I don't think anyone living in a building ever loses much sleep thinking about an unwanted arial intruder dropping in.

What is next? I am a bit edgy about my appointment tomorrow now. Good thing it is with the psychiatrist...or maybe not. If you don't hear from me again, maybe the men in white coats took me away.

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