Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NYC Observations

Despite the reservations I had last spring, I like living in New York so far. We have not been able to explore as much as I would have liked, but we have been able to visit a few things. I think I am slowly getting over my culture shock and learning how things are done here. Inwood is a pretty funky neighborhood with a strange brew of nationalities and peoples.

Our building in particular is a living cultural archaeological site with the different strata of cultures from the different historical habitation patterns of the neighborhood. There are some old Eastern European Jews that have been here for a long time, then there are some Dominican families who probably moved in sometime later, and now there is the influx of young artistic (there is a concert pianist that lives above us - I quite enjoy his/her playing) and professional couples. Yes, I am contributing to the gentrification of the building and the neighborhood.

Sara asked if it is still gentrification even though I am Mexican. Sadly, I think the answer is still yes.

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