Sunday, February 25, 2007

When you need to go...

How would you feel if they put up one of these down the street from your home?

Way back when...while I was studying in Bologna, Italy. There was something similar on my path between the university and my apartment. There was a little more privacy, but not much.

At first it was a bit jarring, but then I came to understand the benefits after I witnessed the amount of public urinating that took place in other parts of the city. I do admit I made use of it one night following an evening of much wine sampling at a cool jazz bar. It was a long walk home and my bladder was just not big enough.

The pit-stop spot also became iconic of how male-centric Italian society is. Unless a woman has some form of uncanny ability with certain bodily functions, the relief was only available to men. Although someone (female) I knew back then is purported to have been able to urinate off a bridge - there were reliable witnesses.

Anyway, this post just shows that my mind is incapable of writing of any significance. Not that I would otherwise have anything significant to say, but I think under different circumstances I could probably fake it better.

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