Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feuding Deities?

Sara and I were riding the subway to midtown Manhattan the other day. To pass the time, rather than anthropologically observing the people riding with us as I usually do, I was looking out the window into the dimly lit maze of tunnels.

I have the secret hope that I will sometime catch a glimpse of the "mole people" that make their home there. So far I haven't.

There is evidence of activity all along the tunnels, though. It is mostly in the form of graffiti. Some of it is related to the transit workers marking switches, outlets, and the sort. Other marks is just the work of random "taggers".

My second hope is that I will catch a glimpse of some wonderful artistic masterpiece that is hidden in the depths of New York's catacombs. That hasn't happened either.

What I did come across that day, however, was a clearly written statement meant to disparage a Norse deity:


Since then, I have been wondering who the heck wrote it and what it means. My mind has been playing images of a scene out of something like Neil Gaiman's American Gods where a disgruntled Aztec deity (perhaps my friend Xolotl) is marginalized to the subway tunnels of New York City and has it in for Thor.

Who knows? It's as good as an explanation as any....

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