Thursday, March 15, 2007

Strange and Awkward

No better way to define the day today.

The morning was warm, almost muggy. Yet tomorrow they say snow: three to six inches.

I had a conference call as part of an anthropologist committee I am on. Having people pop in on an ongoing conversation is a bit strange. With all the issues going on with people in the gov't listening to conversations they aren't supposed to, it has made me a little paranoid I guess.

I went to a lecture by one of the leading anthropologists who studies homeless people. It was a smallish group. Who happens to walk in? My psychiatrist with whom I have an appointment tomorrow morning.

By the way, I will throw a set of questions out there for anyone who wishes to answer it (they came up during the lecture today):

When did you first learn about homelessness? Who explained it to you? And how was it explained to you?

Ever since the last post, the Pink Floyd song has been running through my head. Especially that last line: Come on you miner of truth and delusion, Shine! I guess that is the most concise description I have come across for what it is that anthropologists do.

Time for bed.

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