Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back in Black

Back in Black

Well...not really in black.

The world has moved on, the online community fizzled, so there is some mourning to be had.

But here I am, to try to resurrect this depository of ideas that has languished for so long.  I need a spark, a catalyst to try to move my "real" writing ahead.  I need to take that mess I wrote six years ago that is commonly known as a dissertation and turn it into something more readable, something that someone would actually want to publish.

And yes, there is always complaining to be had.  I need a venue for that too.

How far will this endeavor go?  Is this a twitch on a corpse that is beyond resuscitation?  Or is there new life in this pseudo space?  I know more likely than not, this will be a soliloquy; a lone voice in an empty room, theater, arena...

But this exercise is not for others...

If someone wants to converse, great.  But if I just rattle off to myself, so be it.

So carry on...

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Patricia Elizabeth said...

comments. woot! I clicked over the other day to tell you that I'm reading but there was no way to do so. which you obviously know, since it's your blog. uhm, so, anyway. I'm here. Welcome back!