Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I had a day full of meetings.  A great way to start a new academic year.

On the bright side they were much more streamlined and productive this time as compared to times past.

I am slowly becoming aware (or being reminded) of how busy I am going to be this semester.  That's on top of teaching classes.

Tomorrow there are more meetings...and a drive into the city (not for anything fun).

And did I mention it was hot.  It's pretty awful.  I am hoping it is summer's last hurrah.  Although we might get grazed by Hurricane Earl on Friday/Saturday.  Events like that used to excite me, at least a little.  Now that I am a home owner - not so much.  I tend to be much too aware of the swaying trees and falling branches.  Unfortunately, a couple of our trees are what you would consider "weed trees" - meaning they grow randomly and really fast (not that you could get high off of them).  This also means they are not very sturdy and tend to have branches - sometimes very large branches - break off.

I don't think Earl will come close enough to cause concern.  There are plenty of other things to worry about.

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