Tuesday, June 01, 2004

We survived!

We made it through the utter chaos and pandemonium that was the graduation circus/carnival.

None of the relatives killed each other. In fact, most of them were on their best behavior - more or less.

We are exhausted, though.

Our dog was VERY confused. It seems like each day a new set of people came to our apartment. Usually nobody comes to our apartment.

I now have a piece of paper that has some Latin written on it. I think it says that I am now a Doctor in Philosophy in the area of Anthropology. Or something like that...It is actually a fairly droll piece of paper. Some of the other degrees I have gotten are much prettier - more colors and designs.

I had a couple of strange dreams the night before commencement.

Dream One: Instead of gowns, the graduates were wearing prisoner uniforms. We had a big ball and chain attached to our legs. On the ball was written, "DISSERTATION". To graduate, we needed to carry the ball and chain up to the stage, where with a big hammer and wedge they would break the chain and set us free.

Dream Two: A long time ago, my mom bought me a t-shirt that says "Hookt on Fonix rilly wurkt fer Mee!" as a joke. In the dream, I was wearing this shirt, but it had an addendum to it: "See I evin gotta Ph.Dee!"

Tomorrow the dog has to go to the vet.

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