Thursday, June 02, 2005

Waiting for Sara

Sara has the worst luck flying. She was scheduled to fly out here via Washington National and Salt Lake City (it is a free ticket), but she got to the airport early enough that they could route her through Atlanta and SLC, but she would arrive 2 and a half hours earlier.

That was great news, although I know that at this time of the year Atlanta can have some nasty thunderstorms and I was worried she would get delayed because of one of those. Indeed, as I looked at the weather map, I saw a sting of nasty looking storms headed to the Atlanta area. She was able to get out of there before they hit. Problems over, right?

Wrong. I like checking in every now and then at RLM Software where you can enter the flight number and it shows you where the flight is. As I checked in, suddenly I got the map saying the flight from Atlanta to SLC was diverted to Kansas City. Now this freaked me out because there was no obvious reason for this.

When the plane landed in KC, Sara called me. It turns out that there was a kid traveling alone who got put on the wrong flight. So they had to stop in KC, get him off the plane, and put him on plane to wherever he was supposed to be. Now how does that happen? Everytime I see unaccompanied minors traveling, the gate agents are so annal about it. I guess they weren't this time. Of course, it had to be the time Sara was flying.

Having to land in KC delayed her flight enought that she missed her connection in SLC. Now she will connect with the flight she originally was going to take. Easy come, easy go. I was excited about seeing her earlier. And I feel bad for Sara. She has the worst luck flying, I don't know why. When we were in New Mexico we bought an airplane milagro for her. It seemed to work for her when we went to Yucatan. Maybe she did not bring it with her this time around. Or perhaps she did not keep it in an appropriate place.

So here I sit at home when I should have been driving to pick her up. Most of the packing is done, so the house feels quite empty. There is still some cleaning to do, but at this point I don't feel like doing it.

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