Saturday, June 18, 2005

We are going to a bbq even though it is about 58 degrees outside. Not that I am complaining. I will take this cool weather over the hot and humid weather of last weekend any day.

The bbq is with some of Sara's online friends. I have never met them so this will be something new. I do need to meet some people here in Boston. Hmmmm...being social, what a bizarre concept.

We went to lunch at a taqueria near Fenway Park today. Even though the people there were from Mexico, the food was not really right. It was good, but not quite right. I was spoiled with my paisanos over there in Washington. Those tacos were so good! I am sure there is a good taco to be had in Boston, I just need to find it. The mission is on!

We joined Netflicks this past week and we have seen our first two films: Close Encounters and The Life Aquatic. I had to watch CE again after our visit to Devil's Tower. I had been wanting to watch TLA for a while. I really enjoyed the first, while I was a bit disappointed with the second. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I did enjoy the Portuguese covers of David Bowie.

Ok, time to go.

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