Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Today was round 3 of my accupuncture treatment.

It was, by far, the most intense treatment so far. For the first two treatments I was on my back and the needles were placed on my front side. This time I was on my stomach and the needles were places on my back, hands, feet, and head.

Some of the needles almost burned as they went in. The practicioner said that my body was responding to the needles a lot. And, yes, I did feel like something was going on.

Once all the needles are in, you sit and wait for 45 minutes or so. I fell asleep during this time, but it really wasn't sleep. It was more of a meditative state. I lost all track of my thoughts (something that is very difficult for me to do - my mind is usually always racing) and even of where I was. I would drift back into and then again out of consciousness. It was a pleasant experience, except for the needle in my left wrist started to itch and burn a little. Also, the remaining mucus in my sinuses started to pool and create pressure that led to a sinus headache.
When the needles came out, I was rather groggy. And when I left, I felt rather tired, but a bit euphoric. After an intense work out or perhaps a little like after sex. My back has become a little sore this evening, again a little like being sore after working out, only it is not the muscles nor the skin that is sore. It is hard to describe.

I am curious to see how I feel tomorrow and over the next few days.


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