Friday, September 16, 2005

Viva Mexico!

Viva Mexico!

Today is Mexican Independence Day. The party always start the night before with El Grito, a commemorative re-enactment of the event that began the fight for independence in 1810.

When I was young, we would stay up and watch it on tv. The next day there was a big military parade in the Zocalo - the main square of Mexico City - that was also on tv. The Mexican Air Force would fly its aeroplanes above the city. Most of these were clunky old prop planes that the US used in World War Two and then gave to Mexico. Nevertheless, when I heard their drone, I loved running outside and spotting them in the sky as they flew over our house.

I always wondered, though, why the Independence Day parade in Mexico was a military one, while the one's I had been in the US for 4th of July were parades with floats and fire engines.

In any case, I am happy my fellow country people rose up to kick those pesky Spanish out of our country 195 years ago.

In that spirit, I want to point out that Elena Mary is running for a seat on the Institute of Mexicans in the Exterior (a bad name that occurs when things are translated directly). She has been a longtime advocate of us Mexicans and Mexican-Americans abroad. She would appreciate your support in her campaign. Visit her site and show her your support (and while you are there ask her how you can help her campaign).

I hope this institute can give a voice to the many people who for a long time have not been able to be represented in the governmental bodies of either the home country or that one in which they live. I also hope it does not become just another bureaucratic swamp. With someone like EM as part of it, that would be highly unlikely.

Suerte EM!

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