Monday, September 12, 2005


It has been a while...

Yes, I have not been writing much lately. I have been lurking, however, so don't let your guard down.

After a nice weekend away I returned to the chaos of the first week of school, preparing for a busy semester (which includes two conferences and the beginning of yet another job search adventure), and eventually a cold to close out the summer.

Coping with all of this led to a depletion of energy that prevented me from writing anything down - at least here.

We are now into the second week of the semester and things are not settling down. If anything, the chaos is picking up. I seem to be dealing with it in a more capable fashion.

I don't know if this has anything to do with my increased coping abilities, but I had my second accupunture appointment at the end of last week. I did get over the cold in a much quicker pace than I usually do. I am still agnostic on the whole matter. The accupuncturist also taped two small magnets on two spots where I tend to carry tension. I was fairly skeptical as to whether this would do anything, but low and behold the tension is gone from those spots (or greatly reduced). Of course I have other spots that are now tight further down on my back. I don't know if the tension spots migrated there or whether they were there all along and I just did not notice them before.

I go back tomorrow for the third session. This time I get the needles in my back. I am going to ask for more magnets, though.

The course seems to be going well. The students seemed pretty excited about it after the first meeting - a few who had not registered were asking to be let in. Always a good sign. Today's class I felt did not go as well. I lectured a lot - there are a lot of theoretical issues that I needed to cover before we move on. I felt scattered and not focused. Hopefully that will improve.

I have been ignoring/avoiding the Gulf Coast situation and the Supreme Court issue. I find it all to aggravating and frustrating to deal with right now. I do have a Tulane student in my class who will be at this university for the semester (maybe the year). So in a small way I am doing my part. Other than that, there is little I can do to change the situation, so I should avoid letting it get to me.

In the good news department, the US made it to the World Cup (soccer) and so did Mexico. So there is something to be happy about.

One last thing - today is my mother's birthday. She does not read this, nor does she know that it exists, but I want to send her good wishes nonetheless. Today she turns 60.

Sara asked me if she would be freaked out since it seems to be one of those "big" years. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and a school shooting survivor. I think after scares like that those, little freaks you out. Certainly not a birthday.

I am off to call her to wish her a great day...

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