Saturday, September 17, 2005



Yesterday my mother called me to give me the news that my best friend from high school's step-daughter passed away. Here is the last entry from her CaringBridge page:
Friday, September 16, 2005.
Y was admitted this past sunday to hospice due to her respiratory distress and incoherence. Y has been fighting her cancer for almost 3 years and today at 2:05 am, she lost her battle to cancer. The staff at hospice made sure Y was well cared for and she was given the kindest of care while admitted. We are all very proud and will miss Y dearly. She was a real trooper and fought very hard to the very end. But alas, the progression of the disease was just too much for her in the end. Y went peacefully in her sleep. She did not suffer through her transition. She was well cared for and made comfortable. We could not have asked for anything more than that. Y is now at peace. We will miss her forever but she will still be in our hearts and in our prayers from now till eternity. We love you so much Y, you were truly one of a kind and your spirit will live on.

I remember Y running around my mom's yard playing with Zeus. She was a vivacious child always wearing a bright smile.

I know that death is part of life and it has been part of my experience of life (three grandparents, a cousin, and an uncle have passed on). However, I can't comprehend why a child suffered like this and had to pass on so soon. And I can't understand why my friend and his wife had to endure this. It just makes no sense.

So while I know we have all been hit up for donations for the victims of Katrina lately, I would still like to put in a request. If you happen to have an extra dime, please consider donating it to support research on cancer in children or to hospice care. You can do it in memory of Y.

May her spirit continue to live on in all of us.

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