Monday, December 26, 2005

Digital Short Story

Moving on with the times...

I bought my first digital short story online today. I will still have to print it out. There is something wrong about reading on the screen. Unless it is someone's personal online journal (aka "blogs"), of course.

Fifty cents - that's what it cost. What would have Dickens thought? Twain? Hemingway? Somehow I can really picture those three writing blogs. Would they have become literary greats (I know some my have a quarrel with that label) had they been distracted by the cyberworld?

I am reading Vonnegut's latest booklet. It's a hoot! He eschewed technology - never moving past the typewriter. I think he would have pushed the cyberworld into new dimensions had it overlapped more with his life.

Anyway, that is my literary post for the year. Enjoy!

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