Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Late Evening Musings

I saw a cardinal today. It was just outside our kitchen window. This may not be a big deal to most people in this part of the country.

It was to me.

The cardinal is ubiquitous as a pictured bird: as the mascot of many sports teams and the official bird of many states. I have only seen a real cardinal a few times, though. And everytime I see one, I am amazed by its color. It is so bright, it almost seems unreal.

I watched it with fascination. I thought about how predators could easily spot it (as compared to the drab sparrows that were popping about nearby and blended in with the dirt and rotting leaves). I also wondered what it was doing around here. If I were a bird, I would be headed south to warmer places.

Dumb bird.

It still made me happy to see it. Just like when I spot a great blue herron or an eagle or a falcon or a wild parot. They are majestic creatures. It probably also has to do with one of my desires. Deep down I have a wish I could fly. Someday I might take flying lessons. Or maybe take up gliding (in a glider or maybe even hand gliding). Skydiving isn't as appealing. That basically is just falling. Falling with a view. I guess gliding is falling too, but you have more control. Flying - that probably would have been the eight item on my list of things to do before I "kick the bucket." I guess it also something I cannot do - at least not right now.

Moving on.

Yesterday I posted about Kurt Vonnegut. As it happens, today's Boston Globe has an op-ed by his son, Mark Vonnegut. Mark is a pediatrician in the Boston area. Before he got his medical degree, he was crazy and a hippie. He wrote a book about it. The title he chose for it was The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity.

Would you take your child to see a physician who has been diaganosed as severely schizophrenic? Perhaps if your child is having issues with mental illness. If I had a child I would not have any qualms about taking her (or him) to see Dr. Vonnegut. I think I am in the minority, though.

Sara has read his book. After reading his op-ed, I want to read it too. In fact, I just bought it on Amazon. Talk about your impulse buying.

After this discourse on red birds and crazy writers/physicians, time has come for bed.

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