Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yes, it is that time of year. I have a stack of final projects to grade so I can submit final grades. Last week I thought final grades were due sometime this week. I found out, though, that they are due January 3. Ha! An excuse to procrastinate. Instead of sitting myself down and grading last Friday, I put it off.

Now the 3rd is approaching quickly so it needs to get done. Having failed to make much progress with them at home, I took myself to a coffee place, bought a big cuppajoe, sat myself down, and began to do my business (no, not that business, although all that joe did make a couple of breaks necessary).

I was about two thirds of the way done, my back was aching, my legs were cramping, and the place was getting crowded, when the woman at the next table came over. She was holding a plug. Her laptop's battery was about to die and she knew there was an outlet just behind my chair. Despite my determination to plow ahead, this gave me an excuse to escape. Since she was sitting at a table and I was in a plush arm-chair, I knew she would jump at the opportunity to move into the welcoming warmth of the cushioned corner. I told her I was about to leave and she could have my spot.

I was right.

Now I am home, easily distracted, I smell like coffee, and I still have papers to grade. I vow to finish them tonight. But now I must run to rid myself of more of that joe.

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