Sunday, January 14, 2007

Late Sunday Evening...

Sara has updated her blog! It is a intriguing post: I think it shows that we have been going to too many Himalayan cultural events, restaurants, etc.

Random question:
Does a hearse get to use the carpool lane?

Sara and I are on a eating regimen that is supposed to help your body detoxify and recalibrate your metabolism. It is from the book Ultrametabolism. The food is ok for most part, but I am hungry most of the time and I really, really miss bread. Sara also pointed out today that while I thought the regimen was for one week, the books clearly states that it should be done for three! I am not sure what is going to happen with that...

So far I love my new computer.

School starts this week and three of my four syllabi are finished. I was supposed to have the last one done today.

Zeus got a bath instead. As did the bathroom. And Sara.

I really like the podcasts from Mangatune.

If you are in the need to procrastinate, go check out the project being done at the Museum of Sex. It is quite fascinating and anthropological.

That rumbling you hear...yeah, that, it is not thunder...its is my tummy.

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