Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Memes are for the Feeble-Minded...

...and for those who lack the creativity to weave words into innovative and coherent ideas. And that would be me. Moreover, Sherri, in her most perverse state, has tagged me with this one. Because it is rather untaxing, I shall comply.

I have been commanded by the powers that be through the words of their prophet (Sherri) to:
Grab the book nearest your computer. List the Title and Author. Turn to page 123. Read past the first 5 sentences, then read the next three. Type out those three sentences in your blog, then tag three bloggers.
First of all there are books littering my home office and there are multiple volumes that could tie for the honor of being closest to my computer. I shall pick two.

1. Reckoning with Homelessness - Kim Hopper.
All but the last two of those observed or interviewed were by themselves; the exception was a quarrelsome couple who had been living at the terminal for some time. Last, the terminal's homeless poor appear to be much older than the shelter's population. Health problems: Edema and related circulatory problems (e.g. cellulitis) were fairly common, as is often the case with homeless people who go for long periods without elevating their feet.
2. El Otro Lado: Notes from the New L.A., Mexico City, and Beyon - Ruben Martinez
Skept will sometimes ensconce himself in the studio, drawing for days on end. Or he'll go out piecing in the yards. Then there'll be the urge to do a daring, illegal piece on the streets.
So there you have it. I am not sure what the point of any of this is. But that is nothing new and it illustrates how I am trying to find a point to everything.

The last commandment was to tag three people. But because I am a sinner and a rebel (and just part of the rabble-rousing riff-raff), I am only tagging one person: Sara. I hear everyone is doing it, especially the cool people. I also know she won't do it, thus bringing this misguided crusade to the much needed end - at least down this path.

Update: Rats! As I was doing this, Sara has gone and done this silly meme. I know she did it just to prove me wrong (again!). In any case, I refuse to tag anyone else. May I be cursed for the next five minutes or so ...

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