Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An Opportunity Lost

Yes, we could have cozied up with the stars at the Grammy Awards, but we won't. We had the chance, but it disappeared this evening.

Our neighbors who live in the apartment below us are a young couple. When we went to San Jose in November, we asked them if they would pick up our mail. Our box is small and even a couple of days worth of mail would have had it bursting. They were kind enough to do that for us.

Last week they asked us to return the favor. It really isn't that much of a chore since their box is about a foot away from ours. In the process of picking up their mail, one envelope caught my eye. Not that I snoop through other people's mail, rather this one had a huge picture of an old style grammaphone and "Invitation Included" in big letters. A few days later there was a large envelope with the same picture and Grammy Awards written next to it.

The guy whose mail we are picking up is a musician who plays in the band for a big name musical on Broadway and has been invited to the Grammys. We could have misplaced that envelope and shown up to the awards with a real invitation. But we didn't misplace the envelope, we gave it to them today when they came to get their mail.

That's ok. I really didn't have anything to wear. Plus the Grammys are kind of boring. Now if there is an envelope with Oscar on the cover...

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