Friday, May 25, 2007

Foul Mood

I am a bit cranky today.

Teaching summer school is pretty exhausting. Two three hour classes, back to back. Three straight days.

I was looking forward to my down day today, but little problems popped up here and there just to be annoying. Our internet connection was going in and out sporadically starting last night. Around noon time today, it was pretty much out.

Calling to report it proved to be a challenge in itself.

You see, we have VOIP phone service, so no internet means no phone. Moreover, we seem to live in the one corner of NY that doesn't get cell phone reception. There is one corner of our apartment that gets a tiny signal. Of course that is the corner where we keep many of our cacti. So there I was trying to dance around so as to keep the connection from crashing and avoiding the ever so sharp and pesky spines from our lovely cacti.

When I called, I spent a good twenty minutes going through the condescending recorded instructions of what to do (which I had already done). When I finally got through to someone, we went through the same routine and then finally getting them to send someone out. Of course, the connections is working now and it will probably work when the person comes to check it. And once she/he is gone, it will crap out again.

Amid this crisis, Sara needed to complete an application for which she needed to get information from online. When she finally got it put together as best as she could, she asked me to mail it for her. The post office is about seven blocks away. I got there at 5:05; it closed at 5:00. They told me to go to the other one which was about ten blocks away because it might be open later (I could have looked this up had I had internet connection). I got to the other post office only to find out that it too was closed.

Here I am living in what supposedly is the city that never sleeps, but the post offices close earlier than even the small isolated town I lived in in Eastern Washington State.

Add to this adventure that it was hot today. Really hot.

So yes, I am a wee-bit cranky.

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