Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Knew There would be Better Days

My mood has improved.

A nice afternoon with Sara yesterday did quite a lot to help out.

We went to Times Square and saw Paprika. A fun, albeit surreal, Japanese animation film. To keep with the theme, we had dinner at Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast food chain. We then wandered about Times Square, a surreal experience in itself. There were the usual masses of tourists and boatloads of sailors and marines who were in town for Fleet Week.

On our way home, we stopped in the Upper West Side where we got some green tea Yolato with mochi bits. We ate it on a park bench on the median on Broadway next to a woman having an argument with an invisible person. Every so often we got shaken a bit by the subway running directly beneath us. As strange as it may sound, it was quite pleasant - it must have been the company.

We came home to some disgruntled dogs. They are not liking the heat. I need to put the a/c unit in the window, but I have to get an extension cord. Our apartment is woefully lacking in outlets. Rather the outlets are placed in the most inconvenient places. There are several in closets, and there are four directly above out stove.

Because I am too tired to write anything else, I leave you with a picture. A while back I posted a picture of the view from my home office in winter. Now you get my work office in Spring. I wanted to put it up a while ago, but things have been a bit chaotic. Enjoy:

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