Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Other Side

Following the nice message from my former student, I got a different perspective on students in my in-box.

The exam for one of my courses was scheduled for 6-8 pm last night, which was the last day of finals. It turns out that the students were kicked out of their dorms at 5 pm yesterday. Given the situation, some of my students asked if they could take the exam early. I agreed to give the exam twice; I indicated that the exams would be different.

Nonetheless I got this in an email:
Attention anyone who took the Final last week. Give me a heads up.
What's on it. Come on help ur boy out. HELP!!!!
This brilliant student sent out the email to the class list, not even thinking that I am on that list. So much for academic integrity. He probably has a bright future working for Karl Rove.

It goes to show that students come in all flavors.

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