Thursday, January 12, 2006

For all you art lovers out there...

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Get this book. The art is fantastic and you will be supporting a neat little independent press.

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I have not shared with you the glorious news that I joined the YMCA last week. My new goggles and swim cap (required, although there is less and less to worry about up there) arrived today. I also have an appointment with the trainer next Wednesday. And I plan on popping in on some yoga classes. I might even have a go at some climbing on their wall (I have a funny feeling that my patas are too heavy for me to be any good at it).

I would like to give the pool a try tomorrow, but I have an application for a postdoctoral position that is due (tomorrow as well). I also need to get a couple of book reviews written up before the semester starts next week.

Today involved a lot of poop cleanup. I had to take advantage of the mild and sunny weather that we had. I have been letting things slide in our backyard and the shit has been piling up.

They(I love the generic they, don't you?) need to come up with the poopless dog. It would be an instant hit.

Damn genetic engineers, when are they going to design something useful?

I do believe that a lot of what I shoveled was property of our neighbors' (and landlords') dogs, but none of it was labeled, so I just cleaned the whole yard.

As you can tell, I am not too fond of dog poop. I have yet to meet anyone who is. There are many academics I have come across (not to mention politicians) who have it oozing out of their mouths...come to think of it, they seem quite fond of what they say. Of course they never stop to pick it up afterward.

I should go do something useful.

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