Sunday, January 15, 2006

I am going to complain about the weather.

Yesterday it was about 60 degrees.

Right now it is 8 degrees; -10 if you factor in the windchill.

[Sherri - don't leave me a comment about the roses in your garden]

[Any of you Southern California denisens - I know you have lovely weather there: I used to live there]

Of course the dogs where pestering me for a walk this afternoon (they had done their business in the backyard already - they were just being difficult). I caved in and decided to take them. We made it about 20 yards down the street when a gust of wind hit me. We made a U turn and jumped in the car. I drove them around for a while, stopped at a park where they ran for a couple of minutes, and then drove them around some more.

When the weather gets bad - rain, ice, cold - the dogs look at me as though it were my fault.

Oh mystical fortunes, spirits, and whatever other forces control my destiny, may our future lay somewhere warmer - or at least more consistant weather.

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