Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The weather has been as erratic as a Boston driver.

Today we were back over 60 degrees.

Then the wind started blowing - gusts over 60 mph.

And suddenly a downpour was added to the equation.

The streets in Boston resembled the canals in Venice, although the drivers were unsure of what to do. The two choices seemed to be:
  1. Panic, stop, and look around.
  2. Ignore the two feet of water flooding the roads and try to plow right through it (usually aided by the SUVIS - Sport Utility Vehicle Invincibility Syndrome. Although there were also few individuals with the PEVAS - Pricy European Vehicle Arrogance Syndrome - who also took the same attitude).
Needless to say, those two don't make for a good situation out on the streets. Another example of the SBD (Stupid Boston Drivers) phenomenon.

Tomorrow classes start and my first one meets in the afternoon. I guess I should figure out what it is I am doing and where the class meets. The first class is difficult because people add or drop, so it is better not to cover too much material. Also students tend to still be in vacation mode (or at least not in think about the material mode).

Off to figure out my plan for tomorrow.

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