Monday, July 03, 2006

For Scott

For Scott

Since Scott requested a picture of the hairy-legged centipede, I am pleased to indulge him:

I did not take the picture because usually the buggers do not like to pose and run away. In addition my concern is usually getting the critter out of my abode - dead or alive (I hate quoting Bush). In reading about the aforementioned insect, I learned that they can bite and have venom, but that usually they can't break human skin. I also learned that in general they hunt other insects and spiders, so having them around might not be so bad. I still find them creepy and I don't want them in my living space. Heaven forbid I wake up with one doing the Mexican Hat Dance on my face. [SHUDDER]

I also found out that they have these bugs in Japan, but they are not as creepy there. See for yourself:

In fact, it looks like it has partaken of little too much sake.

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