Friday, July 21, 2006

Sidebar Shuffle

I did some house cleaning in the sidebar.

I have reset the job counter. I will be applying for jobs again. This time with a little less urgency because there is a good chance that I will be able to stay for a second year at the place I just got hired. Nonetheless, if I can land a permanent position in a place that Sara and I want to live...I will be movin' there. So it is time to clear out the bad vibes from the past year and start with a fresh new page of pessimism.

I need to change my poll question. However, before I do, I must note that this question has by far gotten the highest response. It must be something about combining the topic of sex and annonymity. Maybe I will continue to ask inappropriate questions.

I added a music chart so you can now see my strange and eclectic tastes in music.

I needed to trim back my blogroll. If you used to be up there and you have disappeared, but wish to remain linked, let me know and I will happily put you back up.

That's about it. It's sad, the world is falling apart and all I can seem to write about is my stupid sidebar. It is probably a more cheerful topic, though.

Random note: I know when Sara has had a little too much wine. She tends to wobble and her teeth are purple (noticeable because she tends to grin and giggle much more than usual).

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