Sunday, July 02, 2006

Quick Bits
  • I am emerging from my catatonia - slowly.
  • Today they are electing a new president in Mexico. I wanted to vote, but the bureaucracy said no. I am not sure who I would have voted for, though.
  • We now have Lone Star ticks in New England. Things from Texas should stay in Texas - it is not like there isn't enough room there.
  • No, the song Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day is not about a landscaper in LA.
  • Gross sighting of the day: the guy in the SUV behind me at a stop light leaning out of his window and either popping a pimple or plucking a lone hair from the top of his balding head by looking in his side mirror. I am not sure what he was doing and why he could not use the array of mirrors inside his vehicle.
  • People are too damn lazy - they can't walk a few more steps from a parking spot that is a few yards further away from the strip mall stores. They either have to park in the road blocking the parking lot traffic or fight for the closest space.
  • In the shoe store - parent yelling at kid. In the pet supply store - owner yelling at dog. "Behave! Listen to me! Stay, no stay there. Okay, if you are going to do that we need to go!" Honest to goodness - verbatim or pretty close.
  • Bugs - as long as they leave me alone, I am fairly indifferent towards them. Except for the psycho, hairy-legged, centipede-like bugs they have here in New England. They will charge you and when you try to stomp on them they can jump straight up in the air. A friend who is into bugs says they are harmless, but they still creep the hell out of me. And this year they seem to be trying to move into our apartment.
  • Why are the shows you want to watch on when you can't watch them and the crappy shows on when you need something to get your mind off of things?
  • Does getting your coffee ground for a flat paper filter really that different from getting it ground for a cone paper filter so as to force the coffee-house employee to go back a grind some more coffee when he did not get your order right? If you are that picky you should be a). grinding your own coffee, and b). not buying decaf!
  • I am taking my class tomorrow to a minor league baseball game to do a participant observation exercise. We are focusing on gendered behavior. It should be interesting.
  • Sara's dad was released from the hospital today. I think it was quicker than they expected. He seems to be recovering quickly. He does have a lot of rules (do's and don't's) he needs to follow and his life is going to be rather restricted for the following two months. Being home is so much better than being in the hospital - I speak from experience.
  • Thanks again to all the good thoughts, prayers, energies, etc. You never know which had a positive influence on the whole thing.
  • I wonder whether I dream in bullet-points...

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